A Poker Game of Love - Alice Walsh

The way Walsh portrays the main characters and gives them a real sense of identity is brilliant.

The title of the book is extremely appropriate and is exactly how the characters 'play' each other off in their games of love and sex. For one to come out on top, the other has to lose and this is a sentiment that is frequently observed throughout the book.

Overall, I would recommend A Poker Game of Love mainly for its wicked characters and their outrageous exploits.

I’m really glad I came across this book while looking for something light and fun to pass another weekend with. While it’s the second, it most certainly isn’t the first. Sure, the novel is about the general love and relationship dilemmas we all come across at one point or another, but it deals with so much more than that. It’s about those destructive urges that make us start and stick around in dead-end relationships with people who’re distant and borderline abusive just out of fear of ending up alone. This is an incredible illustration of the self-destructive patterns of behaviour people resort to when they’re frustrated, scared, lonely and rejected.